Rest in Peace Mr. Patch Adams


It was in the movie “Patch Adams,” that I learned the ULTIMATE importance of laughter, love, and care. And it was in that movie alone, that you could tell what kind of person Robin was just from the role he played.

So Robin Williams’ cause of death was apparently asphyxiation (suffocation). The news brought a little water to my eyes.. This man suffocated himself to death. It is a very true fact that you never know what a person is going through! As many do a GREAT job of hiding it. And remember this.. If everyone put their problems on a table & you were told to choose which one you wanted, you’d still choose your own because other people’s problems are probably worse than yours.

Everyone’s situation is unique to another, and only certain kinds of people can handle certain kinds of problems.. It’s JUST. THAT. SIMPLE.

BE GRATEFUL. For what you have –for what you DON’T have. We need to stop living each day as if it was SUPPOSE to happen, we’re granted the privilege to see another day. Thank God! So it is imperative not only to do the things that bring joy into our own hearts but others.

Because what is a life without helping others, loving others, being there for others, and making people laugh… Right Patch? I mean Robin =)


Future in Focus

Don’t get SO caught up in the present that you start losing sight of the future. I see it happen too often, busy worried about the little things, the little drama of today. Put some energy into developing yourself into a better person for the days to come instead. What you do today determines who you’ll become tomorrow… Yes. But what is it that you want to be tomorrow? Do you even know? Do you have an idea? If not, spend some time formulating what it is/who it is that you want to be. That’s one way of keeping your future in focus. Everyone lives different lifestyles and that’s okay, but it isn’t smart nor healthy to drown yourself in worry. So adjust those lenses of yours and see life in an upgraded version… See your life for what it has the potential of becoming.

Poetic Justice.

Below is a poem I wrote for my creative writing class during my Senior year of high school. The way it came to me was so natural, and straight from the mind and soul. I remember just sitting down at my desk at work, literally writing this poem up on multiple post-its.. back to back, to back until I finally completed this piece. This is by far one of my strongest poems ever made, and I felt obligated to finally share it on my blog. Hope you all like it. Comment, share, ask me questions !

A Prayer’s Conscious

I’ve got something to cry for,

I’ve got something to lie for,

I’d be lying if I said I don’t have something to die for.

Because everyone had their chance;

Their ticket to their dreams,

And I’m over here sitting, watching, and still dreaming.


I have so many goals,

So many plans for ME,

But I can’t seem to get a grip of reality.

They say, “Sometimes what you want,

Isn’t always what you get,”

And me being me would mumble some things and get upset.


Whether speaking indirect or specifically to me,

That phrase, those words: sometimes/isn’t,

Never monitored to me.

I want to be a will/always, not a maybe/if so,

I’m trying to be greater than myself,

As far as this list goes.


So on and on I tell them,

“Have some faith and believe,”

But the world has been so blinded.

Blinded by the burden, by the possible hurt,

Scared to take risks and see,

What plans might work.


So they resort to the last option,

For safety precautions,

And oblivious in experience,

May very well cost them.

But not me, it won’t cost me,

Because I’ve seen reality, for 17 years now.


All the while I’ve seen dreams too,

I’ve seen opportunities,

I’ve seen many streams too,

Flow without any impurities,

And I saw it like my mind,

When I saw my reflection…


I kneel down and say,

“My God after all the misconceptions,

Despite all my imperfections,

Please take my hand and guide me,

As you lead my life’s direction.”



God’s Gift: Siblings

What do you say about two people who had an immense impact on your life?

What do you owe them? How can you ever repay them? 


Many of us have that, or those special people who’ve been driving forces in the way we chose to lead our lives. My personal two are my older siblings. Being the youngest definitely has its many pros and cons. As many may think the heat is off your back by the time parents get to the last child… They’ve just had enough, so they say, “F it! Let’s spoil the last one!” While someee of that is true, much of it is untrue. As my siblings were practically another set of PARENTS for crying out loud, let alone annoyances to add into my life (hahaha, I’m dead serious).. In many cases MORE is expected of you, as you should have learned from the older ones’ mistakes. But of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds due to life’s obstacles, many in which are different from the ones your brother or sister have had to encounter.

I’ve had my own battles to fight with, and I’ve made my own mistakes, but all the while my siblings were there to either scorn me, or empathize with me. My brother, Hans, and I are 7 years apart and my sister, Leila, and I are 4 years apart. And I have very strong relationships with the both of them. Growing up, I never really understood or appreciated the essence of what “FAMILY” was. You know how it is when you’re a teenager! Your focuses/attention goes friendships, gossip, beef, events lol. Today, With me at the brink of turning 20 (November 15th remember that), I have come to understand the concept very well.

Now what is it that I say to them in regards to their presence in my life? Their worrying about my well-being and outside activities? Their praise in my good deeds? As of right now all I can say in thank you. Thank you for being such influential beings to a young adult who is now giving back to society by being that same role model to others through my RA position and everyday interactions with people. I’ve always said that my family is full of talent, full of brains and creativity… And ultimately it’s clear that my family is full of love. My advice to those who may not have the strongest bonds with their immediate family is to work on building one. Family is forever, you are connected by blood, by personal experiences and memories, no one has the ability of understanding your inner most thoughts, hopes, and dreams but them regardless to the status of your current relationship. After God, honor your parents, honor your family. Hans and Leila, I love you guys, I’m getting mad emotional so I’m done (Chris Brown voice). ❤

293960_2002795678292_708631_nHans and I when we were younger. (He was about 13, and I was 6).

9222_270688240496_4485351_nLeila and I back in the day. (I had to be about 4-5 and her 9)

Rih Rih Fans Say: “Turn Down For Whaat”?

Fans at Rihanna’s performance in Manchester, UK seemed to be upset about her lateness. So they expressed their frustrations through throwing chips at her while she was performing on stage. Below is a video of her response:

This isn’t the first altercation that Rihanna has been involved in with a fan while on her Diamonds World Tour. Last month Rihanna hit a fan on the head with her microphone when she felt the fan got too close during a performance of “We Found Love.” Some say she could have handled this incident better, rather than swearing at her fans… I say HOW? She’s already hitting her fans, I’m not surprised! What do you think?